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Reversing course in the face of sharp criticism, the Trump administration announced Monday that it would consider some pending applications by severely ill immigrants to remain in the United States to receive medical care.

Bob Rivers is the chair and chief executive officer of Eastern Bank, the largest and oldest mutual bank in the U. Rivers discusses why he’s placed social justice issues at the center of the bank’s mission.

Gretchen Engel, attorney with the Center For Death Penalty Litigation who has worked on Jennings case since 1994, described herself as very happy with the outcome.

The defense dropped the claim against the SBI to get Jennings case out of legal limbo, Engel said: This litigation could go on and on.

Witnesses described finding tissue from the victim on a pair of forceps that might have come from an eyelid, the lining of the mouth or a penis. During redirect examination, the following exchange took place: [PROSECUTOR]: Dr. Hudson, considering all of the injuries that you observed on the body of William Henry Jennings, do you [333 NC Page 599] have an opinion as to whether or not Mr. Further, the commonly understood meaning of the term is approximately the same as the instructions the trial court gave the jurors--"inflict[ion of] pain or suffering upon the victim for the purpose of satisfying some untoward propensity." Cf. to punish or coerce someone"; "torment or agony induced to give sadistic pleasure to the torturer"). The following exchange took place during redirect examination: [PROSECUTOR]: Dr. It is well settled that "to be admissible as corroborative evidence, prior consistent statements must corroborate the witness' testimony, .

Another friend, Danny Walston, told jurors that Jennings asked him to make sure an autopsy was performed in case he died because his wife is a nurse and she can do things. E.2d 579, 585-86 (1991) (medical expert could testify that a child had been "threatened" and "coerced" and would not "voluntarily" have drunk large quantities of water; these terms "have no specific technical legal meaning as they were used here and are not 'words of art.'"); State v. Hudson, are you familiar with the term torturous type injury? Jennings had been the victim of torturous activity? Webster's Third New International Dictionary 2414 (1976) (torture means the "infliction of intense pain . [333 NC Page 600] We hold that the trial court did not err by allowing this testimony. Defendant contends that the trial court also erred in allowing Dr. Hudson, the injuries that you've described for the jury, do you have an opinion as to whether or not they would have been inflicted at different times or if they are pretty much all the same age?

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Our system of justice cannot tolerate the freakish result whereby one death-sentenced prisoner is fortunate enough to be assigned a direct appeal lawyer who raised a clearly meritorious issue, Sermons said in his order, while another death-sentenced prisoner with the same claim is executed because her lawyer missed the issue. Because her crime is decades old and subject to laws that no longer apply, she could technically become eligible for parole. But in reaching an agreement, Jennings attorneys dropped a separate claim that the State Bureau of Investigation concealed favorable lab results and used false and unreliable evidence to win her conviction and death sentence.

To keep creating new content, we kindly appreciate any donation you can give to help the Murderpedia project stay alive. The State cannot, however, introduce prior statements which "'actually directly contradict[] . [DEFENSE COUNSEL]: Did you verify the statement with her and I'm talking about the typewritten statement?

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