American man dating turkish woman

12-Mar-2020 21:20

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I find that my Turkish man is never wrong and acts as though he is perfect and tells me often that I should be more submissive and our problems would disappear.In his eyes I'd be a great wife if I just agree with whatever he says and do and don't dare ask any questions.Mainly b/c we still live together b/c I can't make it financially on my own.

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I have accepted Islam 100% and have bent over backwards to accomodate him and his family in everything, with everything.

Bottom line is we christian Americans will never understand a muslim upbringing or the way that Turkish men think. They live, eat and breathe Islam and though Islam is a peaceful religion, I find my husband uses it when its convienent for him to control me.

I have been very hard on myself lately, I even started counseling to keep myself sane.

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I am now in the process of trying to win my life back and move on it's harder then I thought..

He fooled me with his calm, sensitive, romantic, loving way.