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27-May-2020 12:19

Puerto Rico is the home for musical style Bomba; it is a musical expression of people created by rhythmic traditional Africans using a drum called Bomba.

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The Spanish invaded the island and forced Taino's into slavery, later almost the entire population was eliminated, except a few who managed to escape in remote mountains and were known as "jibaros" i.e. Puerto Rican culture is greatly influenced by Taino's, Spanish and African slaves.Puerto Rican constitution guarantees freedom for all religions, and Christianity is the major religion followed.Today, majority of the population are Roman Catholics.Apart from this religion, people also follow Protestant faith. Some also practice Santeria, an Afro-Caribbean religion that originated in Cuba.

In ancient days, Puerto Ricans were best-known for the art of oral storytelling.

Some of the earlier inhabitants created polychrome ceramics, amulets (a piece of jewelry), and stone carvings.

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