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18-Sep-2020 09:40

I gave 2 attempts and this coffee is the reason I go to your stores…longer.To make it worse..yesterday I tried the Crispy Chicken with egg sandwich….a tasty sandwich it was…but your CRISPY CHICKEN was gooey and cold in hot egg sandwich. If the chicken had been crispy, it might have been excellent Reply I am horrified over my experience with the Einstein Brothers Bagels on SW College Street in Portland, OR.I got some plain bagels and she actually took orders from folks behine me as I waited with cash in hand to pay.When I walked back closer to her she yelled I’ll get to you.

Question 1: What is the phone number for Einstein Brothers Bagels?

Einstein Brothers Bagels is a chain of bagel and coffee shops, which offer a wide variety of bagels, generally from third party sources, as well as different types of coffees, flavored coffee, and coffee drinks.