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and the equation for fulfillment does not ever and will not ever have a concrete sum.... I know it bothered me when I learned that my husband had had 11 partners (myself included) in the last 8-9 years.

What if she'd dated all those guys she slept with? And why is there no mention of how a girl feels about a guy who's slept around? He didn't date all of them, and most of them he dated for a short time.

Where only a noble man, one who respected and loved her, had access to her body.” Ring, ring, “Hello? Yes I was wondering where exactly you heard about this time period? Smith as a no-bit, misogynistic, possibly ghostwritten, web hack. Men and women who take his crap-vice to heart, forever in unfulfilling relationships with no clue why? all I am saying is you better serve the lady breakfast in the morning or your not getting a call back based on your poor performance in the arenas of the bed, intellect and how that translates in conversation (be that verbal or written), and lets not forget the respect and honor that we all male and female and everything in between can gain through intimacy...

Hell, even the commenters on the article call him an a-hole, troglodyte and diss his writing skills (burn! What about poor souls like “Carrie Bradshaw’s Brother” who can’t even bring himself to type out That Most Sacred Object, referring to a “woman’s V—”? think on it ladies and gents -respect when delivered- can bring you some serious physical fulfillment...

Shockingly, Curt’s advice wasn’t “Stacy, you’re better off without some douchebag who responds by saying ‘Hmm, one for each of my birthdays,’ and then turns over to pretend to read the Money section of USA Today.” Instead, Curt gave Stacy the low-down on something she should have realized a long time ago: Women who have lots of sex have a Problem with a capital P that will forever keep them from true love, and it’s called PROMISCUITY.

“Before I begin, allow me to stress that I’m not passing judgment on women, nor am I saying that women shouldn’t enjoy themselves sexually.” Disclaimer Fail!

Because they feel like shit after reading crappy articles like yours, which deliberately instill additional guilt in women who have ever felt shame about sex!

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But it bothers me that he slept with Tammi or Allie (girls we hang out with on occasion) and Crazy Stacy. If the poor souls take it seriously, the beast (askmen) needs to be vanquished and thoroughly pwned in the public sphere. he wants a whore to fuck This doesnt mean that men are allowed to fuck everything they want and get a away with it without consequence. But the truth of the matter is that women prefer an experience slutty guy.But I ask only one question: If women adamantly believe this, then why is it that when faced with the question, “How many men have you slept with?

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