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28-Sep-2019 00:02

Hearing these sorts of remarks from someone who has undoubtedly endured her own fair share of hardships is disheartening, and a cruel reminder that even women who are ambassadors for prominent women-in-tech organizations are not immune to the hate speech we frequently find ourselves victims of. You know who Grace Hopper and Marie Curie are because they’re women — otherwise, they would simply be prominent pioneers known only by others in their field.Part of the issue is our societal focus on gendered accomplishments. If we are only celebrating the first woman to accomplish something, we can’t be surprised at the draw to tear other women down.The sexism is in your face and aggressive; the stories my aviatrix community share belong in horror movies.

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My anonymous Twitter critic isn’t my enemy here — the real enemy is a culture that forces us into competition with one another and conditions us to believe that one woman’s achievement is another’s failure, a culture that normalizes scrutinizing a woman’s sexuality over her work.

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