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09-May-2020 09:27

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My weirdest experiences in South Korea have been with some Chinese people (there is a sizeable community here).

I have had moments where I've noticed them trying to sneak pictures of me because of the colour of my skin and my hair.

It makes me extremely uncomfortable like I'm in a zoo or something.

My experiences have prompted me to start a Youtube channel because I want share the life lessons I learnt in South Korea.

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I realised that I cannot expect to find South Africa in South Korea – I mean really I left South Africa for a reason.She was teaching English in one of the local schools and encouraged me to try it out for myself.I had always been fascinated by the country, especially that such a small country was able to quickly turnaround its economic position in the world. READ MORE: 5 things that happen when you're a black woman in Thailand But I think even if I had done more digging, I think nothing ever really prepares you to live in another country.He could not quite grasp the idea that we speak English in South Africa.

In general, I noticed that South Koreans are open to foreigners but one thing I cannot get over is how the older generation stares at you when you are black.READ MORE: 11 things to do around South Africa that won't cost you a thing Changing my attitude towards South Korea made me appreciate and see the locals in a different light.