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A recent sustainability conference in London hosted by Drapers was all about the matter again.At the forefront of the discussion was speaker Mostafiz Uddin, founder of Bangladeshi denim fabrics trade show Denim Expo and CEO of denim garment manufacturer Denim Expert Limited.Had their ass almost eaten by ferocious, spear-wielding Amazonian natives? Up until this point, Coach had just been this arrogant, jerky guy bloviating about a rhetorical desire to change the game of Survivor, to which both tribemates and viewers alike would roll their eyes.With this episode and all of the ridiculous things that he does in it, Coach turns from just another annoying Survivor schmuck to a player with his own personal mythology, complete with warriors and wizards and sacred oaths bound by honor.Has anybody who’s reading this list ever tossed balls underhanded to break tiles?Had an ancient Tibetan tai chi that unsearchable through Google taught to them? While the previous episode, aptly titled “The Dragon Slayer”, is where Coach Ben Wade brands himself with the nickname mentioned above, it’s this episode where his legend is truly born.

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Despite his financial success, he is not all about the money.

when its done, rename it to the game ( so for crisis core, name it final fantasy VII crisis core or something along those lines... go back to 'USB DEVICE' and press left or right until its on 'Memory Stick' now press select again to exit the VSH Menu, navigate back to usb and that is your Memory stick.… continue reading »

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