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But, if there’s one thing she can’t keep quiet about, it’s how romantic he is. After Busy Philipps and her college boyfriend, Colin Hanks — Tom Hanks’ son — broke up, Busy moved on and met Marc Silverstein. According to several remarks by Busy, her husband is a major romantic — which should come of no surprise since he writes romantic comedies.Want to know more about Busy Philipps and Marc Silverstein’s relationship? In a 2010 interview with Britain’s , Busy Philipps gushed about her husband’s most romantic gesture.

"There was a disconnect," she shared of what led to her decision.

Upon their marriage, he professed his love for her through a legally binding contract.

“He did do something really romantic — he drew up a contract that says he will never break my heart,” she told the magazine (according to ).

"I talk about my crying and anxiety I don't need to talk about almost leaving my husband it's not the forum for that," she notes, "but in the contents of the book I felt like I could get to the heart of the matter better." And it was Silverstein, their union on the upswing thanks to a commitment to counseling and individual therapy, who encouraged her to truly tell all in her memoir.

"I was really struggling with ending the book and he's like well you're not being truthful that's why you can't end the book you're not being honest about what we're going through and what we've been going through that's why you can't end it," she tells E! "And that was a real revelation to me and it was true, because the thing that I had been presenting online and my persona I never dealt with any of that our marital issues and deep troubles in our relationship." Because what she was feeling, she knew was relatable.

I'd started to do a test when we were alone in the car together, where I wouldn't say anything until did, just to see how long it would take him to talk to me. All those years of feeling so alone had started to add up. "The reason I started the stories—it was because I was lonely. "Or whatever version of my personal life I was showing.