Carbon dating hoax

11-Mar-2020 01:58

We're told that the carvings were done using an "as-of-yet forgotten/undiscovered technology." Some archaeologists are calling the site "a temple" and "a religious site." The structures probably are grounded in some sort of superstition, but since there's no language associated with these unknown people and no record of them before now, it seems very speculative to associate any gods or supernatural beings to the place.

Several writers refer to the monolithic columns as "pillars," as if they knew they were meant to support something.

Klaus Schmidt and his team have uncovered many massive carved stones at Göbekli Tepe, which he says are about 11,000 years old.

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The tallest columns are 16 feet high and, according to Schmidt, weigh between seven and ten tons.It was a shock when it was proven to be a ‘hoax’ in 1988 by Oxford University scientists.A US team of 24 scientists, the SHROUD OF TURIN RESEARCH PROJECT (STURP), later proves that the carbon dating was invalid and was the hoax.Some columns are blank; others have carvings of foxes, lions, spiders, scorpions, snakes, and vultures.

Unlike the animal paintings in caves done by earlier Neolithic peoples, these animals are not the kind you hunt.One author even refers to the T-shaped stones as "human forms." Maybe the aliens had no legs or heads.

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