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07-May-2020 04:17

Fermi Large Area Telescope Detection of Pulsed gamma-rays from the Vela-like Pulsars PSR J1048ndash5832 and PSR J2229 6114. B., Baldini, L., Ballet, J., Barbiellini, G., Bastieri, D., Battelino, M., Baughman, B.

M., Chounet, L.-M., Cornils, R., Costamante, L., Degrange, B., Djannati-Ata"i, A., Drury, L. A New Population of Very High Energy Gamma-Ray Sources in the Milky Way.

M., Martineau-Huynh, O., Marcowith, A., Masterson, C., Mc Comb, T.

R., Beilicke, M., Benbow, W., Berge, D., Bernl"ohr, K., Boisson, C., Bolz, O., Borrel, V., Braun, I. Discovery of the two ''wings'' of the Kookaburra complex in VHE gamma-rays with HESS. C., Kh'elifi, B., Komin, N., Konopelko, A., Latham, I. Gallou, R., Lemi`ere, A., Lemoine-Goumard, M., Leroy, N., Lohse, T., Martin, J.

A., Ackermann, M., Ajello, M., Allafort, A., Asano, K., Baldini, L., Ballet, J., Barbiellini, G. Detection of the Energetic Pulsar PSR B1509-58 and its Pulsar Wind Nebula in MSH 15-52 Using the Fermi-Large Area Telescope.

A., Ackermann, M., Ajello, M., Allafort, A., Baldini, L., Ballet, J., Barbiellini, G. Discovery of Pulsed gamma-Rays from PSR J0034-0534 with the Fermi Large Area Telescope: A Case for Co-Located Radio and gamma-Ray Emission Regions.

Survey of the Inner Galaxy in Very High Energy Gamma Rays.

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