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20-Apr-2020 17:18

Run from the u Code folder and the microcode files and driver will be copied to the Windows\System32\Drivers folder, the driver executed and micro code updated if the microcode files contain a newer version.

The installed driver should have updated the microcode and will now automatically update with (max 2x) reboots.

But microcode patches have been deployed in the past to fix up CPU hardware bugs, so it’s certainly writeable. At least a group from the Ruhr University Bochum took it as such, and started hacking on the microcode in the AMD K8 and K10 processors.

The hurdles to playing around in the microcode are daunting.

Don`t worry about word “Linux” – luckily bin-files with microcodes are appropriate for Linux and Windows.

B Both downloaded bundles with CPU microcodes from Intel and AMD are just archive files supported by any modern archive apps.

While they are a security hole, there is no need to panic but the fixes released by both software and hardware vendors are giving extra problems to end users.

Linux and Windows systems are suffering from performance hits, and AMD users running Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 systems might get into an unbootable state.

Using this information, and the ability to update the microcode, they could load and execute arbitrary microcode.

While UEFI firmware updates from computer manufacturers or CPU microcode updates from Intel are both effective at mitigating the Meltdown and Spectre flaws, the updated computers are suffering from unexpected reboots.

This is an alarming situation on already vulnerable platforms.

The “uninstall.bat” can be run to uninstall it if not needed.

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Intel may only update the file once every 3-6 months, so what to do if a new critical patch is available but not included in

But then, after a week of running, a breakthrough: the microcode XOR’ed.

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