Christian dating controlling behaviors list

18-Dec-2019 14:20

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You don't want to be a doctor; don't you remember talking about starting that small business with them?

Your own perspective weakens and the controller's takes over.

The concept of full isolation is often achieved very slowly; maybe you're made to feel guilty if you hang out with other people instead of them, or they come up with conflicting plans to pull you away from social events, or it becomes so annoying and agonizing to sort out time away from them that you cave and stay in.

In a normal relationship, there is an understanding that some decisions are definitely the individual responsibilities of either partner.

Do you find that being around them means you constantly get treated as if you're a child, while they always know what's best?

Do they become passive-aggressive or furious when you act in ways they don't approve of?

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What we're discussing here is a phenomenon termed "coercive control" by academic Lisa Aronson Fontes, and it's incredibly important to realize that this behavior is not benign.

It's a dominating tactic, even if it seems to come from a place of devotion and charm.