Christian dating in ghana

04-Oct-2019 07:58

In fact, due to the fact that most people affected by these circumstances are poor, legal professionals are unwilling to choose this field of expertise as their career path.

Due to the highly polygamous nature of Ghanaian society, the competing wives, and concubines are simply unable and unprepared to pull together to protect their interest from a unified abusua on a clear mission to take back what they consider to be theirs.

Unlike elsewhere, in Ghana one’s family or abusua, refers to the person’s siblings, parents, cousins and other relatives or simply put the extended family.Everyone belongs to abusua, and no one leaves their abusua or joins another abusua.Based on the matrilineal systems practiced in southern Ghana, a person belongs to the abusua of their mother side for the rest of their life.We must also acknowledge that our forefathers lived in a subsistence agricultural economy, where economic successes depended on brute strength and how many family members the man could commandeer to assist in the manual farm work to produce results and a bumper harvest.

Even though this economy is by large in transition, the effects, notions, and attitudes originating from it have become deeply embedded in the psychology and culture of Ghanaians.Therefore as a man, your children do not belong to your abusua, neither does one’s spouse.