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The figure of the total population of each country is drawn from the global estimates listed in the CIA World Factbook , unless otherwise stated.

Statistics describing the country’s linguistic, religious and ethnic demographics are based on its most recent national census.

If timing is especially important this should be repeated several times when ordering blue-collar services.

In the evenings and weekends, the schedule is a bit more relaxed for everybody. theater performances) begin ~15 minutes late in Lithuania.

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One should call or text in case he/she plans to be late 5 minutes or more.

flowers) during the birthday or the nearest workday.

In return, the person whose birthday it is buys meals, drinks, and cakes at the party.

The main occasions to give presents in Lithuania: *Birthday.

Those invited to a party give presents while co-workers (even if uninvited) may give symbolic gifts (e.g.

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