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Stop in, relax, and cool off while enjoying a good book! Temple Grandin spoke at the East China Performing Arts Center as part of our 100 Year Anniversary Speaker Series of the St. Ticket demand was incredible and we wish we could have fulfilled all of the hundreds of requests. Featuring the Grand Canyon, Zion Canyon's Virgin River, Highway 12 - the "Million Dollar Highway", Bryce Canyon National Park, and Arches National Park Learn to Overcome Anxiety with Delisa Deavenport Join Delisa Deavenport as she talks about how she overcame anxiety and how you can, too.

Read More We are not just one library - we are one library system with 11 locations throughout St. You are only minutes away from great library service wherever you are. Dolls of the Little Houses Diane Oswald will describe the dolls that are presented in the text of the "Little House" books. Her book "Find your Direction in Your Quiet" will be available for sale and signing. The Arab World and Arab Americans Join a speaker from the Arab American National Museum to learn about what makes a country Arab, the differences between the Arab World and the Middle East, ethnic and religious diversity within the Arab world, a history of Arab immigration to the United States, and Arab American demographics and culture.

It isn’t uncommon for some people to have a vast music/video collection spanning multiple volumes or external disks.

We have books, finger-plays, songs and stories on all things love to share with your children. Story Time Seedlings: A Podcast to Grow Readers--Episode 1: Delicious and Nutritious.

In this episode our storytime theme is Teeth - in celebration of the American Dental Association's National Children's Dental Health Month in February. Join us for our first episode following our story time theme about good food to eat, drink, sing and read about.

Examples will be shown and participants will have an opportunity to make one of the dolls. View the traveling exhibit from the Arab American National Museum.

History Hounds: Bombs Over Michigan-WWII Japanese Balloon Attacks At the end of WWII Japan launched 9,000 armed balloons against the United States and Canada. Live-streamed from the Meijer Education Center at the Historical Society of Michigan Lansing headquarters.

The old songs, like Down by the Station or Hush Little Baby, are part of our history and are our cultural heritage. It's summer and time for fun--ice cream, popsicles, s'mores and much more.

It mean, it took a while, I had to get that confidence and strength to really find myself, and once I was able to, I was able to accept myself and embrace it." "Let's touch on your boyfriend, Mod Sun's, publication company you mentioned earlier, Youniverse Publishing, where 'Covered In Glitter' was published through." At the mention of Mod Sun's name, Hanna's face lights up, and she details the rapper's best qualities as well as creative entrepreneurial projects, the independent publishing company being one among many.… continue reading »

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