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18-Mar-2020 13:05

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Parent borrowers of the federal PLUS loan may consolidate, or refinance, their loans into a federal consolidation loan. There are two main reasons borrowers decide to consolidate their federal loans: a fixed interest rate and lower monthly payments.Other reasons include the convenience of having just one loan with one monthly payment and prevention of defaulting on one's loans.Consolidation works best when your ultimate goal is to pay off debt.

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Student loan consolidation is the process of taking multiple student loans and combining them into one. Before consolidation, a student borrower might have multiple loans to pay back and many different loan balances to track.

You cannot, however, consolidate your private student loans into a Direct Consolidation Loan.

If you are looking to refinance private loans, take a look at our private loan refinancing options.

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The scoring formula takes into account factors we consider to be consumer-friendly, including impact to credit score, rates and fees, customer experience and responsible lending practices. Department of Education, a federal Direct Consolidation Loan can help you streamline your federal loan payments.