Dating and ex boyfriends friend reviews

19-Sep-2020 13:39

I have found out my daughter is dating her ex boyfriends best friend, her ex is still upset over the breakup and this would destroy him.I am really upset myself and have not yet spoken to her about it.It really depends on how long you were dating him, if it was a short pointless relationship then it doesn't matter, but if it was a serious one then don't. 'Ex' means the relationship is over between you and your ex boyfriend and both of you are free to see others.You have no right to get involved in your ex boyfriends affairs.

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Will this end your ex's friendship with their friend?

All he has to do to end the discomfort is become a somewhat better person. If she's a teenager -- this sort of thing happens all the time, mainly because they have a fairly small circle from whom to choose their boyfriends/girlfriends. As long as she ditched the ex before starting a relationship with the friend, what has she done wrong?