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24-Sep-2020 08:58

I’ve ran into many people who are catholics and have had conversations with them about this subject.

Most of the time you hear about non denominational christians judging the catholics on their practice. I believe, no matter what denomination you may choose to be from, you choose it because you feel it is the best way to grow your relationship with Jesus Christ.

HTM Take a look and find out what your girlfriend believes. I’m going to guess that you are with the majority of non-Catholic Christians, and believe either that the bread and grape-juice possesses either a spiritual presence of Jesus, or is completely and only symbolic.

We differ so very widely on this issue because we interpret the Bible in different ways, and it has real consequences.

A year or so ago I started dating my now girlfriend, everything about our relationship is so great. She mentioned to me she would only marry a catholic man.

She said she wanted a man that shared her own faith.

Most Protestants have no such respect for their bread and grape juice, and feel free not to reverence it.

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The two individuals need to ask permission from the bishop of the diocese. The two must marry within a Catholic Church, unless they also receive permission from the bishop to not have the ceremony within a Catholic Church (but this permission is usually NOT granted, so the marriage would HAVE to be within a Catholic particular church in order to be valid) 3.

Now you might say, “But I don’t believe all these different churches to be what I believe.” True. But you all use practically the same method and materials to derive these contradictory beliefs, do you not? The early Church in Acts all met “of one accord” - total agreement. I was not Catholic when I married a Catholic woman.

What is different in form between the way a Baptist and the way a non-denominational interpret Scripture? :shrug: My point, then, basically is not to incriminate you particularly, but to point out that, frankly, all Protestants truly do interpret the Bible through the lens of sola scriptura - the Bible alone and isolated from anything or anyone but the interpreter - and this is a vital, almost incompatible difference between Catholics and Protestants. I was not even Christian - never having been baptized.

They were put in place by God when Jesus told Peter that “upon this Rock I shall build my Church”. We are supposed to love the Word of God, and to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Your girlfriend is simply obeying the Law of Christ by indicating that she will only marry a Catholic man. However, we are very different from the vast majority of Protestantism on many important aspects. Case in point, our second major difference with most Protestants: the body and blood of Jesus on the altar.Both parties must agree to raise the children Catholic and have them baptized as soon as possible (under pain of mortal sin).