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13-Mar-2020 16:14

It would be naive to think that dating someone with a disability wouldn’t come with a few challenges to think about.For instance, if your date needs a wheelchair to get around, you either need to plan your evening around places that are wheelchair accessible or make sure that you have a portable wheelchair ramp available in your car.Dating is hard enough without the worries of a disability to think about.Of course, people with wheelchairs, visual impairments, and countless other physical or mental concerns deserve a chance at love, just like anyone else.While there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy for the perfect date, the following tips could help you to make some informed decisions about your dating activities.If you’ve never been around someone with a disability before, and you suddenly find yourself on a date with a guy in a wheelchair, it’s tempting to fixate on the chair, rather than the person.

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Though it can be difficult for both you and your partner, this type of relationship certainly isn’t impossible. However, it depends on what you’re comfortable with, which is something that only you can decide.

As with any and all relationships, good communication is absolutely vital.

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