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27-Aug-2020 23:15

This particular scene from the show is such a hot mess.

At the end, their kid has to decide if they want to start dating the parent's pick or stay with the current significant other.

For hopeless romantics that circle Valentine’s Day on their calendar, dating reality TV shows can reinforce your belief in true love.

Shows like Blind Date and The Bachelor often show two complete strangers work with unbelievable chemistry, as they both realize that they’ve found someone that they’ve always been looking for.

One "raider" inspects the bedrooms of three contestants with all personal photographs or other identifying décor removed, then decides to go on a date with one of the contestants solely based on the state of their room.

This MTV show died in 2006, but actually might work better in today's Instagram/Pinterest-obsessed world.

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Never forget that extremely romantic bus where contestants waited their turn!

Each week, couples pair off and must share a hotel room together.