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18-Jul-2020 02:24

And she may well want you to do certain things she felt her ex-partner didn’t do, or was unable to do, that will fill out the kids’ experience of being parented." Separation One of the most difficult aspects of dating a single mum may be dealing with her ex-partner.

He might be jealous, or hostile, or disapproving – or he could welcome your involvement in his children’s lives.

‘The best thing to do is support your girlfriend and don’t get involved yourself, as you’ll be resented by her ex.

Here are a few helpful tips if you're a non-dad dating a mum...Shearer became a single mum at 26, when her son was 4 months old.But she didn't always feel that single motherhood was fabulous.Picture this: you’ve just met the woman of your dreams.

She’s smart, sexy and sassy, laughs at your crap jokes and is clearly nuts about you."They made it feel like if I dated, it would be a bad thing." The books she read gave tips such as a single mum shouldn't bring her kids around her dates, and she should be prepared to put her dating life on hold until her kids are out of the house. "That's a huge advantage because you get to see if your parenting styles line up," she says.