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10-Jan-2020 20:16

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Remember this feature and let it help you to build a happy relationship with a Russian partner!Good clothes are very important for Russians, especially for women (although men are not far behind).All things most often are discussed and made together: vacation at sea, going to a cinema or a concert.In other cultures men often play golf, drink beer with friends, as a wife goes shopping or to her girlfriends.Russian men are very different, their character traits are also unique and varied; and yet most of them are very nice people.Now we need to consider a very important quality in Russian relations - the concept of some union, which could be called "togetherness". Togetherness means that lovers at Russians always act together, as a couple.People in the West are more independent, many couples are poorly informed about their partner’s work of friends.

Most men in Russia (and Ukraine) wear long pants, shirt and shoes.You should welcome your Russian guy with pleasant handshake, looking him straight in the eyes - thus you’ll show your openness and honesty. This means that your dress style should be pleasant but look not too provocatively.On Russian dating accepted that a man brought to a girl flowers (especially if it's a first date).Many Russian men, as before, prefer to behave like knights: they open doors their woman, help to put off her coat, bring a heavy bag and other things.

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You should be prepared for such an attitude, when a man so gallantly and humanly heat refers to a woman.

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