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30-Apr-2020 21:05

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This dedication is why we're considered one of the best Canadian dating sites for long-term relationships.

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It’s something we have vast experience with: as part of a global network of leading online dating sites, we create an average of 2000 new couples each Our aim is to offer busy Canadian singles a streamlined online dating service.Minimum to start is one hour although we suggest 90 mins as getting familiar with your situation can take time. * 30-minute sessions available to returning customers.The first step is to fill out the form below to provide us with some context regarding your current dating situation, past experiences and/or challenges and what you would like us to help you with. ( per session) * In-person sessions are subject to different rates. Our coaching services; advice, opinions and suggestions are provided with your best interest at heart. While feedback to date has been exceptional, there are no guarantees that our processes will have an impact for you. How would you feel having someone on your side rooting for you from the sidelines and encouraging you every step of the way?

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Someone who can give you an objective opinion, concrete tools, tips and strategies on how to navigate the dating scene, communicate effectively and form more substantial relationships. When we find ourselves looking for answers, Kavita Ajwani’s motto is to “think the opposite”.She aims for all your romantic encounters, no matter how fleeting, to always count for something.