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Bonus points if you put your phones away and just enjoy the moment of walking together." So try to soak up the excitement of dating as much as you can.

And be thankful you don't have to ask your parents for permission anymore.

You never know, they just may flirt back." Don't push it if they aren't reciprocating, but getting out of your comfort zone can be good for you.

In middle school, you had the disadvantage of not being in control of your own schedule.

"It's OK to show your affection through notes, texts or finding a song they may like." These little things create a great big picture. "As adults, we forget what it's like to be flirted with, to be sent notes and flowers and to brush up against each other as you're walking to class," Wright says.

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In adult relationships, however, it may have been a long time since you experience this."In middle school, it's perfectly acceptable to say, 'I like you. Not defining the relationship would seem totally outrageous to many middle-schoolers.Just being alone with a crush in middle school had the potential to become a lifelong memory.