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It’s always a good idea to be able to say something positive when visiting a new country or meeting people for the first time.True, slang is often associated with swears and insults, but there are other sides to the local lingo, too.You may (or may not, depending on your travel plans! ) I never travel to a country without trying to get some of the local expressions under my belt.It just seems natural to want to communicate effectively with those I meet—and besides, it’s fun to be able to lay down the lingo like a local.You’ve got to get familiar with some regional slang so you can understand the locals and, ideally, connect on a deeper level with the people you meet.We’ll show you ten essential El Salvador slang words to learn before your plane lands. It’s a mix of Spanish and Salvadoran slang spoken among locals.If you’re able to murmur a sweet word to a child’s dog or compliment the music, dance or culture of a place, it’s almost a guarantee you’ll make friends!Communication is key when exploring the world and enhances every experience.

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