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04-Jan-2020 20:09

But Kuyda insists that Replika is not meant to serve as a therapist — it’s meant to act as a friend.ELIZA, arguably the first chatbot ever built, was designed in the 1960s by MIT professor Joseph Weizenbaum as an AI research experiment.For instance, a professor at Georgia Tech recently built himself a chatbot teaching assistant, named Jill Watson.The bot answered questions in a student forum for his online class on AI, and many students were convinced she was human.If a user is clearly down or distressed, Replika is programmed to recommend relaxation exercises.If a user turns toward suicidal thinking, as defined by key words and phrases, Replika directs them to professionals at crisis hotlines with a link or a phone number.Each Replika bot chats only with its owner, who assigns it a name, and, if the user wants, a gender.

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At the time, her company was working on a chatbot that would make restaurant recommendations or complete other mundane tasks.

When word got out, Kuyda was suddenly flooded with messages from people who wanted to create a digital double of themselves or a loved one who had passed.