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What she might lack in height, she more than makes up for in length of limb and an unrattled, stoic gaze into the camera's lens. When I was in 10 grade I got bullied a lot because I was going through the whole punk thing and had a mohawk, and when you’re going to some private school in the valley with a bunch of kids who all look the same, they just looked at me like, 'Who you? Kids would write things on my locker and I’d tear it down and rip it up, and the kid would be like, 'Oh, I have 20 of those,' and would put another up. I just wanted to go out and do my own thing." Prior to that, Hanna says she doesn't so much have many memories from childhood.Finally I sit down with Hanna Beth amidst several racks of style options in the only private space we can find, and I let her know that whatever treatment for the shoot I wrote prior to today, we can throw it out the window and just wing it. I want to get to know you a little bit," I tell her. so I think it’s definitely a good message to put out there." I ask Hanna Beth what she did growing up, when she was the age of some of her youngest followers. In thinking about that, what was your favorite year when you were a kid? I’d get yelled at in the hallways, 'You’re a fucking poser! "You know, my memory isn’t that good anymore," she laughs, and then sighs.Hanna Beth is seated in the center of a tornado of stylists and hair and make-up artists.I reach to shake her hand and notice how small she is ― about half my size.It mean, it took a while, I had to get that confidence and strength to really find myself, and once I was able to, I was able to accept myself and embrace it." "Let's touch on your boyfriend, Mod Sun's, publication company you mentioned earlier, Youniverse Publishing, where 'Covered In Glitter' was published through." At the mention of Mod Sun's name, Hanna's face lights up, and she details the rapper's best qualities as well as creative entrepreneurial projects, the independent publishing company being one among many.The couple now are in pre-production for a cut and sew clothing line calledwhich will drop in about a month. That's really the difference with my relationship now…

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I just remember that my love for that made me feel like I had something, like I was accepted and I could relate to these people. People just put what they want people to see on their Instagrams, but to really get to know about them you have to sit down with them and actually have a conversation... I think it’s important for young girls, my younger followers, in particular, to be like, I guess in a way it's like a giant blog about my life, but people don't always want to read long personal blog posts online anymore, so it's all here in the book." "Yeah, since the Livejournal era is over." "Exactly! So I give them what they want, videos and photos and shorter content.

I mean, at school I had to wear a uniform so I couldn’t get that crazy with it, but I was always dying my hair different colors, like I had purple streaks in the front, and then blue and then I did all pink.

My school was a super conservative private school and we weren’t allowed to do that, so I would do it on holidays or a free dress day, I would do it as a theme and tell them it would wash out and just come to school the next day and say for some reason it wouldn’t wash out, and they had to let me have it. And then into high school I went through a hippie phase, and then I went through a really punk phase and decided to get a mohawk. I went lighter with my hair and I started dressing a little bit lighter, so I noticed that maybe it's me getting older and maturing." Hanna's personal style has certainly progressed over the years, and it seems, with age, she's reached a point where she is unwilling to be boxed into one category or another.

But to truly know someone a little deeper, you need more than that." "Sounds like it was a vulnerable thing for you to be releasing this book.

I get from you, though, that you’re not actually afraid of being vulnerable with the public." Hanna shrugs and says, "I embrace it.

A black lacquer skeleton is riding a Victorian-era chandelier hanging from the middle of the living room ceiling.