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I still had other issues I was dealing with -- namely: racism and homophobia -- so it took a year for me to embrace this additional minority status. I'd always felt strongly masculine and feminine, and now it made sense why these two presumably "opposite" traits existed, in me, side by side.I didn't think being intersex was a bad thing to be.This type is usually caused by the excessive exposure of the female fetus to male hormones in the womb.There is fusion of the labia, and the clitoris becomes enlarged to resemble a penis.

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Fortunately, it was not about me specifically but about intersex in general, and I'm glad that I, unlike Semenya, had time to process the information and come out about it when I was ready to.

It may be caused by abnormal function of the testes, reduced ability to produce testosterone, or difficulty in utilizing the testosterone produced in the body.

An individual with true gonadal hermaphroditism has both ovarian and testicular tissue, either in the same gonad (referred to as an ovotestis) or in one ovary and one testis.

While I felt more aggressive than other girls, I didn't think that anything other than male and female could exist.

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So I just thought of myself as a "different kind of woman." Ultimately, my assessment was pretty accurate.

Whichever condition Caster Semenya has, she shouldn't be made to suffer for others' mistakes.

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