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There can be no symptoms at all during that period.

Because HIV damages the immune system, the infected may have a higher chance of getting certain diseases, called opportunistic infections.

In Hong Kong, people living with HIV/AIDS are able to get related medication and treatment from the government.

Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy (HAART), commonly known as cocktail treatment that combines three or more medicines, has been proved to be effective in limiting the replication of the virus in the body, delaying the destruction of the immune system and development into the condition of full-blown AIDS.

In response to the different stages of infection, appropriate support groups will be formed for PLHIV in accordance with their needs.

Self-acceptance and problem solving abilities of PLHIV would be enhanced through mutual sharing, support and encouragement among the peers in the support groups, with the building of a supportive network.

Doctors will test the amount of viral load of PLHIV in order to understand the development of the virus, to diagnose the need for treatment regimen and to assess the effectiveness of treatment." for the purpose of monitoring the performance of the immune system.

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The Foundation provides the following services to help them cope with these issues: For enquiries, service application and enrollment for activities, please contact us by: a) Telephone:25608528 b) E-mail: [email protected]) Line: [email protected] service is provided for PLHIV, their family members and partners and those affected, helping them tackle their problems and address their worries on health, work, family, and relationship issues caused by the infection and related emotional disturbance.AIDS stands for “Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome” and it is caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).When HIV enters the human body, it will attack the CD4 cell, a kind of white blood cells, and destroy the human immune system, making the infected vulnerable to attack by virus and bacteria.Visitors could chat casually with peers and take a rest amid a comfortable setting with the serving of tea, snacks, newspapers and magazines.

Moreover social workers on duty may provide immediate advice and counselling service.

In addition, interest classes will be organised regularly so as to strengthen the communication between participants with the objective of widening their social network and enhancing their life quality.