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03-Nov-2020 22:24

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” They usually get the gist and we end up talking about this subject more so we both understand each other. Because having an awesome serious and casual sexual relationship is all about open and genuine communication.It’s only great to text someone every day – particularly if it’s a girl you like – if there’s no way for you to meet in person.You can easily approach the topic by saying something like “Hey, so how do you feel about guys texting you every day or sending tons of messages daily? I usually don’t like getting tons of texts from women I’m dating unless it’s important.So I say something to that extent: “Don’t you find it incredibly annoying when people text you all day long?Because if you overshare too much information about yourself, a lot of the mystery and intrigue about you will be gone. Leave these things for when you actually meeting each other for a date as it’s much easier to build attraction and sexual tension in person.And if you do everything correctly, she’ll start showing many signs that she likes you and wants you to make a move on her.

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That’s because she still doesn’t know you that well and doesn’t know your personality, so you’re still mostly just a stranger with her number.

Plus, if you or I text her every day, she’ll be more likely to become a FRIEND rather than a LOVER.

That’s because she’ll be so used to your attention and your time talking with her that there won’t be much anticipation and intrigue when you meet.

She also can’t hear your tone of voice, notice your gestures and eyes, and there’s no way for her to feel your physical touch.

That won’t get you anywhere near your goals with the girl!

Which means that texting someone every day is best left for long-distance relationships, while you’re on a trip, out of town, or under similar circumstances. Because if you have a chance to meet face to face — you should ALWAYS choose that option over texting, phoning, or anything else! It’s the only way for you to really attract and seduce the girl and then sleep with her.