Intense fear of dating

21-Feb-2020 02:16

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It sounds extreme, but it’s literally like a fight or flight reaction that I can’t control.

The second an interaction turns romantic, my heart starts to pound. I’m actually very good at small talk, but the second he suggests we go out on a date or hints at something like that, the room starts to spin.

I end up feeling like I’m doing something wrong or that he’s making a mistake, that he really doesn’t mean what he’s saying.

That’s not a normal way to react to someone liking you.

As far as unusual phobias are concerned; Philophobia certainly ranks high in the list.

Often this phobia is known to have cultural or religious roots, where the person may have been committed to an arranged marriage and hence fears falling in love. The condition can greatly affect one’s life to an extent that it becomes difficult to commit or form healthy relationships. It is believed that England’s Queen Elizabeth might have been a philophobic.

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Individuals who suffer from this phobia fear romantic love or forming emotional attachments of any sort.

I have this unwavering belief that I’m not relationship material.

At a base level, I feel like I’m the exception to the human race, like I’m just not worthy of being loved or being in a relationship with someone, which is completely absurd and not rooted in reality at all.

I get this feeling of dread that takes over my whole body. I try to fight through it, but it’s almost like my brain is stuck in that terror mode.

I have this inkling that my brain is just prone to freaking out or something.” I get scared that they’ll make fun of me, mock me, or just straight up be mean to me.