Internet dating losers

09-Mar-2020 10:58

None of them were losers, though, and I don't see how it's any riskier than meeting guys in clubs and so on. My friend was on OKCupid and she went out with some of the biggest douchebags going.

But she met a really lovely guy eventually and they've been together 6 months.

It is a pretty easy way to dramatically increase the size of that dating pool with a few clicks of a mouse.

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), a guy that was just after sex and a couple of guys that were sweet but no spark who she stayed friends with. In all honesty, yes, you will get a couple of losers.

Treat any and all new online relationships with caution and common sense.2. If you feel gross about what you are doing, it will come across when you are meeting men. Tell someone you are close to what you are doing and especially if you take your online experience offline. Don’t sabotage yourself by not knowing when enough is enough and getting in over your head.

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