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28-Jan-2020 00:42

She landed a webseries for MTV, , which launched in July and promises to “follow Tana Mongeau and her crazy crew for a behind-the-scenes look as they navigate vlog life, studio time, partying and the occasional controversy.” With all those fans and all that intense performativity from both partners, the Paul-Mongeau wedding was always going to fuel plenty of public and media speculation.

But the circumstances surrounding this relationship meant that it cultivated legions of skeptics long before there were rings involved.

The Paul brothers’ audacious stunts — such as jumping over moving cars and trashing their LA mansion for clicks — evolved into a hugely influential part of You Tube culture as Vine fell by the wayside.

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Award-winning (and losing) journalist, Jake Tucker created Video Brains, a series of talks about video games.

The implications of their gaudy Las Vegas nuptials aren’t really about love, modern relationships, or even the demise of good taste.