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After reading the minutes of the last meeting, the following memorial to the General Conference from the officers of the church at College View, Neb., was read COLLEGE VIEW, NEB., Feb. To the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists in Conference Assembled Greeting. The church would be able and willing to erect a building suitable for its own work. The next largest gain is in Russia, where the numbers have increased from 383 to 451, and this notwithstanding the large exodus of our Russian brethren to America, as many as thirty having left one church alone to come to this country. C., presented his credentials and took his seat in the General Conference. The largest gain has been in Germany, the numberincreasing from 111 to 195. It seems to us that a building with a seating capacity of at least 2,000 is urgently needed, and should be erected if possible the coming summer. There has been a decrease in the amount of tithes in Australia, Central Europe, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Nor do we think it wise to provide simply for our immediate needs. Not counting in this extra amount, the total tithe receipts in foreign fields will fall a few hundred dollars short of last year. Our population outside the College Homes is nearly 800. Our place of meeting is in the gymnasium of the College and there are many reasons why this place is unsuitable. e The room is scarcely large enough for the church alone, even at the present time. When our leading ministers are here and it is desirable for the church and students to meet together, the only possible place is the College chapel; and then only by packing the aisles and halls with chairs from the recitation rooms, and by making a temporary platform in the chapel doorway for the speaker, can the people be accommodated. There is little doubt that still greater accommodations will be demanded as the work increases. The welfare of the students and the demands of general meetings must also be considered. This great increase, however, is due to the accession of means to the friends of the cause in South Africa, which has swelled the tithe receipt for that one field from 3,043 last year, to 34,077 this year. THE General Conference convened again Tuesday, February 21, at 10 o'clock A. BELOVED BRETHREN; We, the officers of the College View Church, desire to call your attention to the need of a church building at this place, and would set forth the following facts concerning our circumstances 1. b It is detrimental to the interests of the College to have the doors open at various times during the week for public meetings. Indeed pledges for this purpose were secured to the amount of some 5,000, over a year ago. The tithe receipts in foreign fields at the last General Conference were 19,417; this year the amount of tithe reported is 52,710.But it goes beyond just food, all white people either have/will/or wished they had taught English in Japan.It is a dream for them to go over seas and actually live in Japan.

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As the statistics of these fields will be given in detail in the report of the Recording Secretary, I will only say that there has been an actual increase in the membership in each foreign field during the past year, with the exception of Australia, whose membership is reported the same as last year; and Central Europe and Denmark, in each of which fields there is a slight decrease in the membership.

C., presented his credentials and took his seat in the General Conference. These statistics are from the regular reports for the year ending June 30.

Brother Allen Moon having arrived from Washington, D. In view of the foregoing facts we would respectfully request you to take the matter under advisement, and formulate plans for meeting the wants of the cause in this place, feeling sure that whatever it may be thought best to do the College View Church may be relied upon to perform its full share. In the matter of tithes, Germany again shows the greatest increase, the British and Russian missions following next in succession.

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As the result, Society, has recently been visiting New Zealand and the way was prepared for the immediate beginning Australia, and in his report to the organ of the so- of a good work by Elder Hutchins on his arrival.

A our Russ 1n churches has moved across into Routent effort in N. Work is organized into churches, who do not therefore appear in progress also on publications in the Spanish, Polin our statistics this year. Of the new fields, Polynesia was just being opened Since the close of the year, New Zealand has had more than thirty accessions to the ranks of Sabbath- up at the time of our last Conference.

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