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30-Sep-2019 04:38

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Before she could share anymore thoughts, she was called away to shoot a scene, and you're suddenly reminded that being a part of a critically acclaimed television show is still just a job, and it's a job that Bell is happy to have.

creator/executive producer Rob Thomas is happy to have Jason Dohring playing Logan Echolls.

Bell and her boyfriend often take in strays to help them find a good home, so she happened to have a flyer with her, which she used to try to prove that she wouldn't steal a dog.

Bad boy Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring), but the change wasn't just an emotional one. I dropped about 20 pounds," Jason Dohring revealed to E!

News on the red carpet at the highly anticipated film's Los Angeles premiere.

After a wait that spanned years and continents, lives lost and blood shed (OK, so maybe not those last two), the little film that could (thanks to Kickstarter, that is) has finally hit theaters, reuniting us with our beloved characters.

And the character who has arguably changed the most since we last visited Neptune?

The actress had previously turned down the offer to pose for the men's magazine, but she says it all came down to a business decision saying, "There's a good amount, more than you'd think, of audience pretty much, so it's kind of like strategically building your career." Bell says that she is happy with the result and that she went for the "most amount of coverage" because she believes "if you see it all, what's the point? There's nothing mysterious about it, so I tried to have as much class as possible." There is one bit that she would like to clear the air about, and it has to do with the bubble next to one of her photos that makes it sound like she thinks a good first date ends with her taking her pants off. ' and I said, 'I think you should always be yourself.' The worst thing I think is like 6 months down the line you're like, 'Oh, I have all these weird habits,'" she says matter-of-factly.