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Nope: "I have a new partner," Antoinette quips, "but I kept the old one too."Antoinette and Kevin recently celebrated 10 years of marriage.

Their open relationship started when they stumbled into a threesome 15 years ago.

We also offer a instructional "notebook" produced by the Northern Virginia Shag Club for . The Club has almost 100 members, with a mixture of married couples, dating couples, long-time single friends, and club newcomers, both as singles and in couples.

Our average membership age is over 40, but we have members in their 30's as well as active retirees.

Some of our members and guests also hand dance, some jitterbug, some West Coast Swing, and some line dance. Tush Push, Continental, Bus Stop, Electric Slide, etc.).

Our instruction program however, focuses on the Carolina Shag and selected line dances.

Do you like to socialize and work with other people on community service projects for worthy causes?

Maybe you're looking for someone to share your life outside of the Club.

In any given class there are usually an unequal number of men and women, so the instructors will ensure that everybody gets a chance to practice by rotating the dancers around.Between inside jokes and bites of chicken fingers and pasta pomodoro, they talk about their day, about school, about movies. But two other adults are with them at the table, a man and a woman.After settling the check, Antoinette leaves with the man — her boyfriend, Gary.What brings and holds this diverse group together is the enjoyment of good times, good company, and good musi You don't have to dance to have fun with this group.

Do you enjoy listening to Carolina beach music, rhythm & blues or contemporary music with a good beat?The Shag (or "Carolina Shag") is a member of the Swing dance family, related to the Lindy, the Jitterbug, the Bop, the East & West-Coast Swing, the Texas Push, etc.