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Or pop back after work to catch a large-scale symphonic concert or choral music in one of central London’s grandest surroundings. Southwark Cathedral, London Bridge, SE1 9DA Sitting in illustrious company on the South Bank, the Southbank Centre has managed to maintain its 1950s pedigree and reputation for pulling in big names through a major renovation.

Alongside national orchestras of many countries around the globe and world famous performers, the hall celebrates just about any form of music for great prices.

The transition in the music is as smooth as butter. It is said that it's his best work, but he didn't finish it. - Alkadikce Why is this so low hasn't anybody heard it? Johann Strauss II: an Der Schönen Blauen Donau Tchaikovsky's Waltz of the Flowers is a very similar style, but for me it's more artistic than Blue Danube. Although Tchaikovsky being Tchaikovsky, didn't like this piece at all. It's one of those one everyone has heard at one point or another and really gets you pumped. Dvorak - New World Symphony ( Symphony n°9) The second movement has some amazingly beautiful English Horn solo.

Listening to the Intro makes me feel as if I am witnessing the Big Bang, something huge, massive and spectacular. It's only when someone is in a situation when they can truly convey real emotions into a piece of music and that's exactly what Wolfgang did in requiem. And from the best 5 also Amazing piece, lacrymosa is the best! Beginner's favorite, everyone thinks he is cool if he can play either sotw or Für Elise. The greatest piece of classical I have ever listened to. The only piece of music that can make me cry I’m listening to the most beautiful story when I listen to this masterpiece. - keyson After learning this, I thought I was able to play anything in the world! Tchaikovsky - 1812 Overture As someone with a background in classical, jazz, and metal, this is one of the greatest musical pieces of all time, in any genre, arguably number one, although that spot is impossible to determine.

Its yearly It’s All About Piano festival pulls in some big names like Alexei Lubimov and Joanna Mac Gregor at great prices and also offers tuition, workshops and talks.

The best time is after sunset when they get the candles out.From Wigmore Hall and the Royal Albert Hall, the Royal Opera House and Cadogan Hall, to places you probably wouldn't have thought about such as Rough Trade Records and Wilton's Music Hall, here are the best places to watch classical music in London.Undoubtedly the daddy of fine London classical venues, this hallowed institution embraces all: newcomers and aficionados alike — from discounted concerts for children, free tickets for 6-25 year olds or a Coffee Concert on a Sunday, it has your classical needs covered. Wigmore Hall, 36 Wigmore Street, W1U 2BP Based off the bustle of Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square, St James's offers a wide range of classical performances and free lunchtime organ recitals for a bit of solace in the middle of the West End.His old Harpsichord is still in situ and Handel fans are regularly treated to performances, with vocalists and chamber ensembles starting at £10.

Handel & Hendrix in London, 5 Brook Street, W1K 4HB This festival takes place in summer, celebrating the musical identity of the Fitzrovia area, and anything goes: venues are numerous and unticketed, and the styles varied.I highly recommend listening to this song as it shows passion. - The Habs Fan Ludwig Van Beethoven - Ode To Joy Everything else is in 2nd place If God took me straight to heaven one day I would hear something like this.