Myanmar sexy dating

06-Feb-2020 07:08

The crowd is very international seeing some locals, Westerners, Chinese and quite a few Indian guys which are jumping straight to the girls asking them how much.

My understanding is that the girls here provide “full massage” or “erotic massage” at your room for about 80000 Kyats but if you can negotiate and there are not too many guys then you can bring the price down to about 50000 Kyats.

There are only a few, not the cutest and they seem to get a lot of attention so either they ask for too much or are not too interested.

Drinks prices tend to be a bit higher than in other establishments.

Feel: When you enter the place which is located the 5th floor you will get a guy which is a sales person and a guide.

He will explain everything and usually stick with you through the night.

The nightly “fashion shows” are basically mamasans parading their teams of girls for the rich locals who pay to take them for the night.

I found them very helpful and funny at the same time.

If you get there early around 8 PM or so there will be many freelance girls jumping on you and trying their English.

The lighting is still OK and you can actually the person you are talking to. Dislikes: Music is loud and the place is small comparing to other clubs.

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