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Typically they take place within 24 hours of arrest, unless an investigation is ongoing and the accused are being held temporarily without bail. He asked me to convey his best wishes to you all.....I suggested that I start a fund for his legal defence...... I spoke with him for a short time and did not elaborate upon the charges.......he's not allowed to use a computer.....now he needs to just spend time with his family and work out how his is going to fight whatever the charges are against him..... they were shutting their operations down for fear ? would come get them based on information obtained from Baghdadlian? The net gain for law enforcement is a new paranoia in the cannabis-growing world ? The searches were conducted in Montreal and Laval, as well as in the residences of three of the accused, a business, three post office boxes, a vehicle and a safe-deposit box.This may be because there is a risk that the arrest news might inform other persons who are also under investigation. He said that he first had to hear from his lawyer if it was cool to be a benificiary of such a fund........... Posted on Saturday, February 11th on behalf of former OG admin, Plural of Mongoose: RC is working with the Authorities. About 48 hours ago I broke my 26 month long self-imposed exile from the internet to post the results of my converstations with RC. and fewer people growing, which means shorter supply and less headache for ? The average, law-abiding citizen can take a good message away from the mess, too, though. These searches led to the seizure of 200,000 cannabis seeds, more than 3,362 in US currencies and ,000 in Canadian currencies, both in cash and postal money orders, three one-kilogram gold bricks, a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, a Mazda RX8 and many purchase orders.Over 40 seed companies had customer service interactive forums on these sites. where people will pretend to be the big companies and request personal information from you, which is later used to defraud you. Wright at 684-2906 or [Email][email protected] The RCMP dismantles an international drug distribution network on the internet Royal Canadian Mounted Police crest The members of the Marihuana Grow Operations Enforcement Team of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police concluded their first major operation when they uncovered a Montreal based criminal organization involved in the trafficking, importation and exportation of cannabis seeds, as well as in conspiring for the purpose of cannabis cultivation via the Internet.All the information held on those servers is now in the hands of police. For those doing illegal business over the Internet, my advice is this: Just don? This operation was launched in November 2004 under the name "Courriel" and culminated with the seizure of 200,000 cannabis seeds and the arrest of seven persons.He declined, but that was the basis of a solid business relationship with him, one of my competitors. t know if we even have authority to shut down Web sites.? m facing 31 years in a maximum security federal prison,? "This looks like an RCMP show bust," said Ottawa-based activist Tim Meehan, a long-time cannabis activist currently concentrating on municipal drug policy with the National Capital Reformers.

Posted Tuesday, February 7th by Jodie Giesz-Ramsay: Did he take the money and run? The owner of Heaven's Stairway Seeds, Cannabis and has apparently dropped his websites and businesses, and has taken off with everything. No one has come forward with information about the websites. I am not 100% sure.......maybe about 75% sure till I hear R. )OP-RC will prepare a statement for you to post,and he may reguire a defense fund as all corprate and personal assets have been siezed! Well my role has been fulfilled ..to go back to whatever i was doing before.again...thanks for the trust..who knows? I was sure any calls were going to be monitored, but hey - it's not like my name has never been associated with cannabis seeds, eh. I had been in contact with a few friends and business acquaintances, and had passed the virtual hat around - to the tune of well over US,000 pledged to assist RC, with no strings attached. The amount of seeds seized during the searches could have made it possible to operate approximately 500 cannabis greenhouses of 400 plants each, which represent 42 million joints sold on the street.

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RC told his provider to shut down the websites immediately. The other six accused acted as couriers and performed other duties for the company.

Within hours, the police (it's unknown what kind of police) apparently entered the server site in Vancouver with a warrant and apprehended the hardware that housed the four web sites. Our server logs revealed their IP addresses and we were able to do a whois on them and find out where the hits were coming from.? Governments are investing huge amounts of money to monitor what? They are Geoffrey CHAN, 33, Maria Cristina CIVITILLO, 32, Natalie BAGHDADLIAN, 40, Manuel Bento FERNANDES, 45, Christopher ALMOND, 38, and Teresa RODRIGUES, 39.

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