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One of my friends even likened saying ‘Je t’aime bien’ to something you might say to a sandwich. In England, if you told someone you liked him or her a lot, you would have been declaring some pretty strong romantic feelings for that person and would most likely be holding out for a future relationship with them.But, when you say it ‘en français’, it doesn’t quite translate as you’d like it to.This sounded perfect until I Googled the bar and saw it was listed as, ‘Un établissement gay et lesbian’.So, if you fancy going to the cinema, tell him you want to go to the cinema.It is natural (in France), for a woman to be completely honest and tell the man she wants to see him again.Oh how different things might have been if I’d known then what I know now… You flirt, perhaps touch each other a little, (or, in my case, he brushed my leg with his foot under the table once, I blush thinking he’s outrageously flirting with me only for him then to apologise for accidentally kicking me.) Anyway, the chemistry is going wild yet he hasn’t made the move and kissed you.If you like a bar or café in your quartier, tell him to meet you there for a drink.If the sun is shining, tell him you’d love to take a walk along the Seine.

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’ Well, of course, in an ideal world I want to answer that question by saying, ‘Let’s do champagne at Le Meurice followed by the Opéra, topped off with a horse and carriage ride that would leave me right at the foot of my door.’ Once my head stops spinning and I’m brought back to the present moment, however, I have once made the regrettable decision of simply answering, ‘Oh, I don’t mind. ’ My date then suggested going for a drink at a bar in Le Marais.Watch the DJs play the best music and there are live acts from other parts of the world.

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