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When one realizes that the God from the Old Testament Yahweh, was none other than the local deity of the Sumerian city of Ur, Enlil, the truth is revealed.Enlil and his various relatives were venerated as gods in various temples from Nineveh to Assur to the Sumerian city of Ur to name just a few.6,000 years old Sumerian cylindrical seal shows an accurate depiction of our solar system.Modern science didn't knew this until very recently.Many would be shocked to discover the great Deluge hero Noah was actually a Sumerian King.

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His sister, Inanna also sported the symbol of the crescent moon and had temples throughout Mesopotamia. nterestingly, many deities from other cultures such as the Greeks and Egyptians were alternate versions of original Sumerian “gods”.

It is interesting to note that in the Sumerian texts, Enki was assigned the regions of Egypt and Africa by his father Anu, on or before 3760 BCE.