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Eeproductions * * supplied by EDES are the best that can be made from the original. * REPORT TO THE CONGRESS BY THE COMPTROLLER OENERAL OE THE UNITED STATES Student Attrition At The Five Federal Service Academies Departments of Defense, Commerce, and Transportation ENCLOSURE A TECHNICAL REPORT ON SURVEY OF FACTORS RELATED TO • ATTRITION us Ot PARTMENTOF HEALTH EOUCATION A WELFARE NATIONAL INSTITUTEOF EOUCATION f () fx Arivv A', Wf Cfiv Fr) « POV- a? Gerald Medsger — Director, Office of Institu- tional Research Col. AL SPORT USAFA- li SMA- IISNA- USCGA- USnri A-29 v.p,^.. PUril CIl Y ADOUT MILITARY IISAFA-22 HSMV HS'IA- USCGA-^5. M 211 222 ATTACHMENT IX /ATTACHMENT I.: ROLE CONFLICT (continued) US^FA- DSfl A- USri A-5 USCGA- USMfl A- v.p,.»i PNAME LQAi Li Ri LQAi^ LOAI^ Ldad_M Lqail Ir I Thinking that I could not satisfy the conflicting DEMANDS OF VARIOUS ACADEMY OFFICIALS AND 7/^ («Q3) UPPERCLASSMEN - MTH CLASS YEAR Thinking that the amount of work I had to do (.gg) MIGHT INTERFERE WITH HOW WELL IT GOT DONE Factor Validity '^^^ 32^ OPPORTUNITY TO PLAY PREFERRED INTRAfl UR.Richard Nye — Professor of History; Chairman, Academy Environment Study Group 110 99 ATTACHMENT I ATTACHMENT I U. ATTACHMENT III ATTACHMENT III AMERICAN COUNCIL OK EPUCATION FRESHMAN SURVEY ITEMS FOR CLASSES OF 1974-1977 ( ENTRY YEARS 1970-1973 ) 1973 Item No ... Political conservatism at time of entry Political leberalism at time of entry Attended Academy because wanted to serve my COUNTRY GENERAL CONSERVATIVE ATTITUDE USAFA-6 I-QAD (r ) -78 ( 064) 78 (-052) usn A-6 I PAD (r) 79( 053) -81(-074) -34( 081) 3G( 064) USNA-20 USCGA-8 USm- Lqad (r) LOAILi Ri Lo Aa JRi -66( G91) -85( 125) 68(-G54) 74(-098) 216 227 ATTACHMENT IX ATTACHMENT IX GENLRAL CONSERVATIVE ATIITUDE (continued) Present political views College officials have the right to ban persons with extreme views from speaking on campus flost college officials have been too lax in dealing with students protests on campus Marijuana should be legalized The federal government is not doing enough to promote school desegregation Factor Validity IISAFA-B 60(-029) USn A-6 Load (r) -51 (-080) -37(-058) 5m (]%) mi-m) -57(-0^9) -0^6 -38(-02^) 058 li SNA-20 lj SCGA-8 USfl MA- LOAD._i Ri LOAJLi Ri Iq Ad Ar I -38( m) -33( 190) -019 -108 91. '^9( 070) 53( 032) ^5(-n33) l JSCGA-7 63(-n6^) LOAD. HAri E EXPRESSIVE ABILITY l JSAFA-2 Participated in a state or regional speech or debate contest Edited or worked on the school paper, yearbook or literary magazine in high school Perceived academic ability at time of entry Perceived cheerfulness at time of entry Perceived drive to achieve at time of entry Pe^^ceived leadership ability at time of entry Perceived originality at time of entry Perceived popularity at time of entry Perceived popularity with the opposite sex at time of entry Perceived public speaking ability at time of entry Perceived self-confidence (intellectual) at time of entry Perceived writing ability at time of entry High school athletic activity score Factor Validity i{ 052) ^9i G79) 66 ( 023) 75 ( 028) 67 ( G25) 52 (-045) 39 (-026) 32(-G75) -G29 USMA-3 1 n AD (r) 31 ( 024) 37(-G94) 38 ( 037) 51(-n47) 57(-095) 37(-n28) 69(-034) 63(-n54) 66(-n79) -G93 USf M- USCGA-29 IISMMA- lo AD (r ) Load (r) 38 ( 084) 73( G45) 51 ( 058) 54(-129) 004 90.

' © Cheerfulness ® ® ..©''© ^ © Drive to achieve ® ® .,©..©.' © Leadership ability ® ® ..©..©.. ACCURACY OF EXPECTATIONS ABOUT ACADENY ENVIRONMENT USAFA-21 Load (p) 38. US X X X X O 1 v-»uxxen L nuiu Dex ox cnii Qxen 19 Hi A^COLc Ll Il Ull LUt JX V-/ X Oll XXLl Xe:!! {Mark all that apply) Attending high school Q Attending an academy sponsored prep school O Serving on active military duty Q Attending a university, col ege, or junior college. The crite- rion was coded 1 for retention and 0 for attrition. Starnps or Superintendent of Documents coupons will not be accepted. To expedite filling your order, use the report number in the lower left corner of the front cover.