Recovering addicts dating each other

06-Aug-2020 06:52

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All of these are, indeed, important items on the road of recovery.

However, it is not every day that the role sex plays in an addiction is explored.

Research indicates that, of all the people in treatment, about half have been raped or abused, while a third are victims of incest.

So, as practitioners, we have to recognize that sexual abuse may be damaging to feelings of self-worth, which, in and of itself, is a risk factor for drug use and abuse.

Many of the issues of love and relationships, that come up for addicts in recovery from alcohol/chemical dependency, have something to do with sexuality, once the walls are broken down.

Nonetheless, we grow up recognizing and knowing, intrinsically, the need we have for sex and the roles it plays; with one of it’s main functions being procreation. As a society, not only are we discouraged from talking about the pleasure that sex brings us, we are also led to recognize the detriments of deriving too much pleasure.

Most treatment programs do recognize that it takes two to repair a relationship strained by chemical abuse, and will incorporate the partner of the addict in the treatment process.

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