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Together they had three children, while Hayden continued to expand his knowledge of salvage and reconstruction, working toward a future in a different line of work whether he knew it at the time or not.

In 1999, Hayden was renting a warehouse that had a lot of surplus space, and he began to get the idea to turn the extra room into a storefront for selling guns.

For three years and 65 episodes, it was a ratings dynamo, drawing celebrity drop-ins and giving its cast an international platform as spokespeople and mascots of American gun culture, gaining fans and critics both for their unapologetic embrace of excess and their enjoyment of the Second Amendment.

But the success of the series masked disturbing truths behind the scenes, and it all came crashing down in 2014 with the show's sudden cancellation following the arrest of Will Hayden, the center of the show and the owner of Red Jacket Firearms.

Exactly who did is something Hayden has declined to share—but the close-to-home betrayal started a chain of events that, Hayden says, led to the bitter dissolution of his first marriage.

With punishing quickness, Hayden was soon broke and homeless, living in the back of his empty store and looking anywhere for a lifeline.

Still, the former Marine felt it necessary to take extra work as a security guard for an apartment complex.

There were too many debts to repay, the most pressing being the man with cancer whose plight weighed heavily on Hayden's conscience.

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After first attempting to pry the door open, the would-be burglars rammed a car through the front of the building, the intruders only being thwarted by Hayden's presence and a middle-of-the-night gunfight in which Hayden fired back against the unknown intruders' MAC submachine gun fire with the closest firearm at hand.How did this show rise so quickly and fall so far, and what are the cast members doing now?