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14-Aug-2020 17:54

Just put the camera on "video", pick a menu item, and voila! You can even stream the compressed output onto the net to any number of people, which is how Margie was sharing it with me.

I've been working 3-midnight at the local utility plant, so I'm used to being alone at home that time of day. As long as the little red dot on the menu bar is on, whatever you record will be stored in an mpeg file. " The camera jerked amateurishly while Bill found his grip, and then became steady.

Still without looking at the camera, she said, "I know you look at me when I do this. It was long and rather thin, made to resemble a stretched out penis with balls and all, but much thinner than most real ones, and smooth, like porcelain.

I like it when you do." As this whole scene had started to play out, I was shocked and angry. Did that mean that she thought about going further? I had always imagined it was some sort of learner's model for young girls who hadn't quite stretched out to a woman's dimensions.

Margie was visibly aroused, and managed to say, somewhat hoarsely, "No touching. You like to look, and I like to show you, but I haven't forgotten that I'm married." And she winked at the camera. Despite the liberties that she was taking with this man, a stranger to me, there was still an intimacy between us. That was a special little secret for Margie and me alone. She sometimes lifted her hands away, but never showed her full breast to the camera. "I don't think I can get them any farther," she teased. It gently smoothed first one and then the other of the two upturned cheeks.

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I became so caught up in the instant that I even stopped thinking about this 50-year-old dude. Then she began to peel, turning this way and that so Bill could appreciate all the views of this sensuous act. You have to do it for me, Bill." Once again, the camera was placed on the desk. She had begun rotating her hips down and up, involuntarily pushing against Bill's warm hand. Bill began gently squeezing his hand and pushing, two seconds to a stroke, applying light contact to the clitoris with his knuckles rhythmically as he slid slightly in and out of the vaginal opening with his thumb. I assumed she didn't know about my private activity, when in fact (I realize now) she was getting more and more frustrated and a little pissed off. I could also see beyond her to a grey-haired man, about 50. "I'll take one." But he wasn't looking at the screen. The camera sees behind me." He seemed genuinely abashed. Sorry." "It's OK." She paused a moment, considering. She was as beautiful as any woman on a magazine cover. She continued, "You know, some women are attracted to older men." Margie's pose brought her large breasts forward and up.

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