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More than two years ago I wrote a blog post titled My Concerns about the Duggars.

From 1975-2011 he served as pastor of Park Meadows Baptist Church in Lincoln, Illinois. (Click here to view the Park Meadows Baptist Church Statement of Faith.)A nationally known speaker, Dr.

At the present time, the Lord has blessed them with twelve grandchildren.

In spite of their close ties to both men, the Duggars have yet, to my knowledge, to speak a word against either.

I’ve often thought of responding to these comments with further blog posts, but so far I haven’t. This post consists of four parts, which deal with the Duggars’ subculture, the argument that they are happy so nothing must be wrong, the idea that the Duggar parents are teaching their children “responsibility,” and something many who watch their show may be familiar with—that the Duggars believe in shunning (i.e.For example, you can find a picture of Jim Bob and Michelle with Doug Phillips and his wife Beall here, a picture of the older Duggar girls with Doug Phillips toward the end of this post here, and a photo of the older Duggar girls with Bill Gothard at the end of this post here.I have heard some of you argue that the Duggars are no longer following all of Phillip’s and Gothard’s rules. If this is the case, the Duggars have been promoters of both men for so long that they really have a responsibility to speak out here. Yes, the Duggar girls are dressing more trendily today than they did ten years ago, but they’re not wearing anything the older Phillips girls wouldn’t have been seen in—or anything I wouldn’t have worn. When the Duggars send one of their daughters off to college, then I might believe that they are stepping away from these leaders and their teachings. As an aside, do you know why the Duggar girls curl their hair?If you're actively searching for a relationship, you'll probably find ones just fine. I got a gf in one month of being Davis because I found someone I really liked and asked her out on a date.

You just have to be proactive about it and build a few dating skills.Chances are, you'll get what you put out; I'm not interested in having a relationship, and I've never been hit on by anyone.