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10-Dec-2019 11:08

~ Karen Siouxsie: We certainly don’t blame poor Graylie for being traumatized by that! Thomas: One of the reasons why cats get to the vet so much less often than dogs is because so many cats don’t like carrier rides and lead their people on a merry chase, which often ends up with the cat disappearing and the person having to call the vet and cancel the appointment.

Bella: House-call vets can be a godsend for people whose cats freak out at the vet, and that may be a good option for your Graylie.

If your cat has an allergy to a specific allergen, small red hives will appear.

Just make sure that both the vet and the assistant are experienced and comfortable with restraining cats — it’s a lot different from restraining dogs!

I’ve bought “calming” stuff at the pet store — various kinds, expensive stuff — and I don’t see that it helps. I’ve been told by a vet that sedating him is a bad idea. He is past his time for his rabies protection now; fortunately, he is an indoor cat, but I’m out of compliance with state law.

Is there any way I can calm him at home long enough to get him into a carrier?

Common symptoms may include: This may depend on the type of allergy your veterinarian thinks your cat may have.

There are four types of hypersensitivity to affect cats: Food trials: If your veterinarian suspects your cat has a food allergy, a food trial will be carried out.Siouxsie: You can try some of the restraint techniques on your own if you want to try and get Graylie into a carrier, but Mama has found that the easiest way to get us into the carrier is to take it out the night before she’s going to take us somewhere and leave it open for us to explore. Patty Khuly wrote a list of tips for getting your cat to like (or at least, accept) the carrier so you can get him to the vet. Have you found house-call vets to be helpful for your skittish or aggressive kitties?

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