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22-Dec-2019 04:11

Self confidence is what men find so sexy and what attracts a man! If you don’t have it, here’s how to get it – find out from Jennifer Daure, Life Coach on how to build up your self confidence when it comes to dating. That’s why I wanted to give you some tips on how to be more confident around guys to help you step up your dating game.It’s amazing the difference in reaction you’ll get from men when you start acting a little more sassy and self-assured.Frankly, there wasn’t a lot of good material out there to help him figure out how to navigate this whole dating thing.

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She is able to make decisions, take responsibility for her actions, face challenges and go through life with her head held high.

Very often, such women are the weak spot of many men. You see only a beautiful, fragrant flower, and there is an iron rod inside.

Eight years ago, Adam started coaching men on how to meet women.

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