Shipmates dating show episode

05-Nov-2020 15:56

However, you don’t have to stay up late to catch the season finale.

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Shipmates was due to launch its first-ever series in 2018 although the build-up to the series was marred by reports that the series was turned into a ‘drug-fuelled orgy’.

The Channel 4 series will air it’s final two episodes tonight (Wednesday, February 27th).

Episode 5 and 6 will put together back-to-back, airing from 10 pm to pm.

In the first episode tonight, as one team edges ahead, cracks in friendship groups begin to show, and when team tactics turn to flirting, one ex-flame is left all at sea. Shipmates airs at PM on Channel 4 from Friday, July 5.

Remember "Blind Date" where the guy took a pee in his date's front yard, then he put his cigarette out in the planter by the front door - all on camera?

The aim is to convince the other party-goers to vote for them in a week-long popularity contest.